Monday, February 14, 2011

Everyday is Valentines Day!

 My hubby and I were talking about the silliness of Valentines Day, and how for some it is a day they are forced to be together, to be thoughtful, to be lovey.  Only to go back to "coexisting" the following day.  And then he says something so sweet (a bit cheesy, but the sweet part overrules) "When you're us, everyday is Valentines Day".  I know I can hear the "awes" coming from all of you out there!  He is right.  We so enjoy being together, holding hands, sitting close when we're in public, looking at each other with those looks that transport us back to where our love began.  It's very hard to find something "special" to do on a day that is labeled as "Love Day" when we often do special things for each other daily, anyway.  However, to keep with the tradition of the day, I did find the most amazingly adorable yet secretly suggestive card that brought an unforgettable smile this morning.  Now I am just anxiously awaiting the return of my Valentine, as I do everyday, so that he can hug me with that embrace that warms me from the inside out.  To hear our children squeal and watch them run into his arms as if they hadn't seen him in a month.  To sit down at a meal that isn't at a fancy restaurant where we can laugh as much as we want and be ourselves without the appearance of being perfect.  We'll share a simple dessert of heart shaped cookies and end the day with a snuggle on the sofa, and a head rub before falling asleep absolutely more in love than the night before.  I love that Everyday is Valentines Day!  And I love you, my sweet hubby!

In honor of this "special" day, enjoy one of my favorites!

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