Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Pinkalicious Hallie Ryan!

Well folks, we have made it!  Today my sweet Hallie Ryan turned 3 years old!  I was beginning to wonder if we would survive the twos and by the grace of God, we did!  Yesterday I had a thought.  God blessed me with a little girl that is full of personailty so that I would never have the opportunity at the end of the day to say, "Well, this was a boring uneventful day."  Hallie brings so much joy, so much excitement, and so much princess to our lives that I can't imagine it another way! 

I remember finding out we were having a little girl and I was so paniked.  I really wanted Parker to have a little brother because I knew about all the drama that came with little girls.  Plus, the Sisney household already had a Princess~ ME!  How in the world would this turn out?  But the bigger my belly got, the more I started to bond with that little girl in there.  And when she came out so absolutely perfect and pink~I was in love! 

Hallie loves anything pink and everything sweet!  She's always much to full for real meals, but she always has room for a "treat".  She adores her daddy more than anything in the world.  She has his big brown eyes, you know.  I fall in love all over again when I watch her love on him and see him melt a little each time.  On the weekends I no longer exist~it's all about daddy.  I think that is the cutest thing ever.  She is so proud of her big brudder and thinks everything he does is magical.  More than once she has offered Parker and Daddy a necklace or braclett saying, "Will you be my wife?"  We'll have to iron this one out during our year as a three year old! 

Just today we were strolling around Target picking up some last minute items for her Pinkalicious birthday party and she burst into song!  "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord, Blessed Be the Name-ame of the Lord"  She was screaming it at the top of her lungs and drawing some attention and so I just said, "Sing it Sister!"  It was so adorable.  I am so thankful that she chose that song and not "Bust the Windows Out ya Car"  that she heard on Glee!  She heard it one time and of course stored it in her memory banks.  That's just what kind of girl she is~she always needs to have options!  Another example of keeping her options open is by having three on-going toothbruses.  One pink, one purple, and one red.  I mean a girl just has to go with her gut sometimes, ya know?

I still say there will be a time later in her life when she and I will not be friends, but isn't that when the best relationships between mothers and daughters bloom?  When they can lay down their crowns and sceptors, meet in the middle of the castle, and just be girls.  Besides, I will always have first dibs on the Prince (daddy)!

Here's a little bit of Hallie then and now!  It just makes me smile all over to look at these and remember when!  Hope you enjoy!  Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Hallie Ryan Sisney!


  1. She's beautiful Summer! The way you talk about my family is so sweet! I should take notes from you! They are so blessed to have you as their Mommy/wife!