Thursday, June 30, 2011

Countdown to Africa~10 DAYS!

Hi friends!  Well, since we have moved into our house I have been so busy playing outside, watering flowers, and enjoying our new found freedom with space I haven't taken time to write!  And now look where we are.....10 days 'til departure for Malawi!

Well all of my vaccinations are complete, I have a prescription for anti-malaria meds to be filled, and a first-aid kit with everything known to man ready to go.  Now, if I could only find my bottle of "don't cry your eyes out when you say goodbye to your husband and kids" pills.  It's going to be the hardest most rewarding thing I could ever do!  However, just last night I was telling my lovie that I felt completely inadequate to go on this trip.  He said, "Well, then it seems like you are just where you need to be to go on this trip."  He is so right, what better place can we be for God to have complete control over our lives than complete inadequacy?  Thank you God, for a husband who supports his wife in ALL things.

Can we talk about that for a moment?  My lovie is jumping in feet first to the life of a stay at home mom while I'm gone.  The only difference is that he also has to work on and off and make sure his employees don't feel abandoned.  Thanks to a couple of very awesome (maybe crazy after this is over) friends who will be loving on our kids for a few days a week he might be able to make it through without turning completely gray!  Would you please pray for my lovie and for our friends who will hug my kids when I can't in the coming weeks?  Thank you God for sweet willing friends!

I have been praying for the Lord to build a wall around my emotions and to keep me focused on Him and his plans.  He has heard my prayer, I do have times that tears fill my eyes when I just look at those sweet faces that I will miss so much for two weeks, but otherwise I am OK.  I don't think He wants me to be without emotion, but I don't want to be controlled by them either.  He will provide on this one!

One super awesome praise is that I was Baptised this past Sunday!  I had been convicted about this for years (having never actually been baptised by submersion) since rededicating my life to Christ.  Finally, I received confirmation enough to desire that portion of obedience to the God who saved me.  It was an awesome moment in my walk with the Lord!  Thank you God for the Pastors who feed me Spiritually.

And so here we are, 10 days 'til departure and I don't want to say goodbye to my family, I certainly do not want to fly 18 hours to get there, and I don't want to face my fears.  But guess what?  All of that is so easy to overcome when I think of being on African soil having the opportunity to share the Gospel with the children at the Passion Center.  To hopefully have the chance to meet the children we sponsor, Kalipe and Phalles, and hug them if they allow me that joy.  What sweet moments are to come!
Thank you God for calling and equipping the inadequate to be the vessels that share your love to the world! I can't believe this is happening......

I hope you enjoy this song by Caedmon's Call, "Two weeks in Africa".  It really sums up going on this trip for me!  And below that are a few pictures from my Baptism. *Note: this is just a video I found on YouTube because I love this song and not from Northwest Bible's trips to Africa but I hope to be able to share one from our trip when we return!

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  1. First of all, congrats on being baptized!!! How exciting! Second of all, I am sure God has great plans for you while in Malawi! My church has an orphanage in Cambodia and as I see people go and come back, they stories they share just touch my heart.

    I miss seeing you! So good to see things going well! Hugs