Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Perfect Timing

First, apology due for the long blogging lapse.  Excuse~life.  Sorry.

It's been almost two months since I last wrote and oh my has it been a whirlwind!  I believe I had mentioned in my last blog about moving into a rental home in Delaware, Oh on May 1st, right?  Well, let's make this long story short and tie it up with a bow because I am ready to move on!

So two weeks before we were to move into the home in Delaware, my lovie received a call letting him know about a position in Witchita, Kansas (of all places, right?).  My words, when he told me where, "I think I'm going to throw up."  I was serious.  The apartment was a gigantic mess, the kids were sleeping on an inflatable mattress in the living room, and the weather outside was beyond crappy (leaving us no where to escape the madness).  Hubby and I agreed he should at least see what the story was in Kansas and proceeded to fly to Iowa for an interview.  Meanwhile, we had enlisted our prayer warrior family to join us in praying for a CLEAR open or shut door nothing more, nothing less.  A week passed after the Iowa interview and we were still just on pause with our May 1st move just a few days away.   At the suggestion of my lovie the kids and I packed up the car and escaped to Indiana for the week for some rest and relaxation with the grandparents!  It was such a great time~all the while I was still praying for clarity and I had gained a huge peace about whatever the answer was to be.  On Wednesday, Ryan called and said we were moving to...........Delaware, Ohio!  Friday brought two packed cars, one set of very helpful grandparents and a U-Haul being towed behind!  Perfect Timing!

So here I am feeling like I should be in a Kool-Aid commercial sitting outside on the deck, with the sun kissing my hands as I type, two very happy children playing in the sprinkler, and Popsicle time quickly approaching!  What a blessing this house is to us.  I have certainly been reminded that I took the home and the yard we had back in Indiana very much for granted 3 years ago!  Being able to set on this deck and soak in the sweet laughter of my children on a perfectly perfect almost summer day is nothing more than Perfect Timing!

And should I mention that our team leaves for Malawi in 39 days!  EEEK!!!  I can feel the reality of emotions I'll have about leaving my kids and my husband welling up inside.  I am trying desperately to suppress them, but I know that God will have to bring me to my breaking point in order to have my full attention.  How can I be used there, if I can never face leaving here?  I have been praying specifically this week for God to help me build a wall around the emotions that are surfacing out of fear.  And then there's the daily dying to self that I am trying to make a priority in order to be filled with the Spirit.  Wow, did I never know I was this selfish and needy??!!  I'm sure I sound no different to God than my own children sound to me with their constant, "Mommy, I need this.  Mommy, I'm having trouble here.  Mommy, help me.  Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...."  Of course I will actually miss hearing all those Mommy requests some day, but I am becoming aware of how much my parent child relationship with my children is just like my FATHER child relationship with God.

Well, as the days pass and take off approaches I will trust that God will send me off very prepared, emotions in check, and eyes on HIM.  So when my feet touch that African soil (do they actually have soil in Africa??) I will have complete faith in HIS Perfect Timing.  

And so the page turns....

I had to include this picture, the very first flower Hallie chose for our yard is a Shasta Daisy.
I love that these sweet little bursts of happiness are ALWAYS looking straight UP!


  1. I'm so glad God put you in Delaware. You and your family are a blessing to the neighborhood.

  2. love it, girl. Can't wait to hear all about the trip!