Monday, April 18, 2011

And the story continues

Wow, this month is flying by and there have been many weeks when I needed a "foresday".  My son, Parker, when learning the days of the week, added an extra day after Friday called "foresday".  We often joke around here that we need a "foresday" when the weeks pass us by to quickly.  So how can I quickly bring everyone up to speed:

God found house for Sisney family to rent  (Momma Sisney knows it was God who found the house, because she purposely pushed same house to back burner because of location and it always kept moving to the front). Said house is 30 minutes north of Sisney's current location.  Momma Sisney was a bit concerned for Papa Sisney's drive to and from work nearing one hour each way.  God gave Momma Sisney a peace about house location and Sisney Family's rental application was accepted within 3 hours.  Sisney family began packing and organizing current apartment for upcoming departure.  Having been denied moving container (PODS) by apartment management, Sisney family became creative and disassembled children's bedroom changing it into storage room for packed boxes and new furniture.  Before mentioned children now sleeping with Momma and Papa Sisney, which is not working out so perfectly!  Momma Sisney foresees purchase of inflatable mattress for wee little Sisney's upcoming CARPET SLUMBER PARTY!  Storage room is working out wonderfully, Papa Sisney is so very wise!  In one day less than two weeks, Sisney family will be moving 30 minutes north to house that God found and enjoy very much transforming house into home!  Hopefully to continue living "Happily Ever After..."

WHEW!!  So that is that!  Turning the page...

The latest Malawi meeting was just as awesome as the first!  I continue to be amazed at how much excitement God is allowing me with this upcoming trip.  Of course there was another video, of course there were more tears, but I am noticing my tears turning to smiles thinking of being on the same soil as the children.  Pastor Mark was very clear that our objective is not to only clothe, feed, and provide for the immediate and obvious needs, but to share the Gospel because that is the one thing that cannot be taken away!  A travel itinerary has also been completed.  Remember, that I asked you to pray about the 6-hour bus ride from Lilongwe to Malawi?  Well, thank you for your prayers, but apparently this is God's will because the bus ride is still part of our trip.  Prayers, however, are always welcomed!

I sent out support letters last week and am so thankful for those who have already returned their support cards to me!  I am humbled by the sweet notes and in awe of God's provisions!  Thank you so much to those of you who have already committed to being part of my support team, it's awesome to know God has planted this in your heart and you have responded!  

Well, I have so many more thoughts to share, but I will stop here.  I appreciate those of you who follow this blog and take the time to read.  I never feel as though I share anything profound, but just being able to share is a joy for me. 

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  1. i love reading your blog! You are such a great mom and often share some simple but profound words :) Here's to skype and being able to see each other soon!!!