Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parker Man!

Wow!  Six years ago God made me a mommy and he did it through the most amazing little boy named, Parker.  I have such a hard time believing how quickly 6 years has passed.  Wasn't it just last week that I was holding my sweet little cone head boy and soaking up every little newborn sound he made?  I immediately had a special connection with this little man.  Daddy joked from the beginning that he would be a momma's boy because he had inherited my "big o's"  (big ole eyes) and I would never be able to tell him no!  Well, daddy was 100% right.  Although, telling him no has gotten easier over the years!

Parker is so awesome!  He is everything I prayed my unborn child would be when I first saw the two pink lines on a simple white stick!  I prayed he would be healthy and that God would give him a compassionate heart.  Thus far, God has proved faithful~and has sprinkled in so much more!  Parker has had a strong will since day one!  I'm thankful for that quality (he gets it from his daddy), it has been a challenge (especially during the 2s and 3s) but I also see it shaping him into a young man of strong convictions.  He has a  passion for the things he likes in his life and he will fight to the death for what he believes in.  Sometimes that fight is about not wearing stripes or buttons, sometimes it's about eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch for over a year.  He has a 3-year hobby of 5 double-sided hotwheel car cases and not one of them is like the other!  He knows them all individually and will correct you in a hot second if you offer him one he already has.  I love his 6-year old way of being himself!

Did I mention he is a bit quirky?  He has a thing for touching tissues, needing two forks at dinner to keep his food separate, and not being able to walk away from things until they are complete.   He sees no need for change if the way things are currently happening are working out for him.  I love that too...  He gets some of that quirkiness from my dad, his Papa Bruce, i.e. daily using the same blue shark-fin hair comb he used in college (had to get it in there, dad).  These boys have passions, I'm telling you!  I can totally see Parker backing up Papa Bruce if anyone tried to replace before mentioned hair comb...just sayin'  Parker definitely has that "if it's not broken, don't fix it" mentality. 

His little sweet heart overflows with compassion.  He is greatly affected if he senses our disappointment in his choices.  When he pairs his strong will with this compassion~this child does amazing things!  Just last week out of raw emotion he took a punishment that his sister deserved~just because he loves her!  I was frozen in my tracks and wanted to cry on the spot, but I let him do his thing.  Then I told him how much of a big guy thing that was~reminding him that Jesus did just that for all of us, out of nothing more than love.  Parker teaches me daily~I am so grateful.

And that laugh....Oh that laugh.  It brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eyes!  It's the same laugh he's had since he could laugh.  That sweet sound is seared on my heart.  It immediately fills the room with joy~and you can't help but join him!  My prayers for him now are that he accepts Jesus into his heart very early, that he never compromises himself, that he will remain healthy, and that his laugh will never fade. 
I love you so much, my sweet Parker Wade (Parker Man) Sisney.  Thank you for teaching me to be a mom!

Enjoy these pictures from Parker's life~

April 5, 2005 Parker Wade Sisney 7 lbs 9 oz

                                                                         Age 1

                                                                          Age 2

                                                                           Age 3

Age 4

                                                                       Age 5

Age 6

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  1. Happy Birthday, Parker! You are such a blessing!
    Summer, Your blog makes me cry tears of joy.
    Thank you. Enjoy your day!