Friday, April 1, 2011

100 Days and Counting!!

Well, I have wanted to sit down to type this for nearly a week!  I have decided that as a Stay At Home Mom I really do need office hours!  Anyway, on to the countdown...

Not counting today there are exactly 100 days until our team departs for Malawi, Africa and the Passion Center for Children.  Things have been realtively calm lately.  Aside from the massive hunt for my immunization records, the overwhelming list of side effects for the Malaiw meds we have to take as a precaution, and the beginning of Dr. appointments to get my self "shot-up" with anything that might protect against everything! 

We began our pre-trip meetings this past Saturday.  Pastor Mark shared an amazing devotion about having an inner metamorphasis before we even get on the plane.  He has given our trip a code name:  MISSION METAMORPHASIS.  I am so excited to birth my inner butterfly!  If I could have at that moment I would have boarded a plane immediately!  We talked about the two current flight schedule possibilities.  One of which involves a SIX HOUR bus ride in Africa (we need to pray about that). We were also asked to be bold and sign up to be team leaders for at least one area of service during our trip.  I signed up to lead the team for the Hospital Visit (making sure the care packages are assembled and accounted for correctly), and the Playtime with the children (having a more organized play time than times past).  The latter I am completely comfortable with~that's what I do~organized play with my kiddos!  The previous, however, is completely out of my comfort zone.  Not the care package part, but the hospital visiting part!  If you count the 13 gift bags I just stuffed for Parker's upcoming birthday celebration my total must be around 456,275(approximately).  The extent of my hospital visits, however, have been to see glowing mommas and there perfectly precious newborn babies!  I am in for a big dip in the emotional rollercoaster on this one, I am certain!  However, I felt led to sign up despite my insecurities and I have faith that God will provide the courage.  Our next meeting is a week from tomorrow~I can't wait!

WAHOO!  I just needed to get that out~I really wish I could explain the completely unexplainable excitement that I have for this trip.  At times I seriously feel like I might implode if I don't get there soon!  What does that mean??  It's an excitement different from realizing you've met your true love, different from finding out you are expecting your first child, and different from getting the most special gift in the whole world.  It's a burning, a desire, a passion that I cannot escape.  And it's not always a happy excitement, but rather a surreal excitement.  Oh I wish I could share it.....

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