Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is my story...This is my song....

Yesterday I stood among a sanctuary full of women who were praising and worshiping God together before being ushered off to the small group session of BSF.  BSF stands for Bible Study Fellowship and is an international bible study that meets weekly.  A very sweet friend from Ohio has encouraged me for a few years to join.  I tried in Ohio, but there wasn't a spot available for my Hallie in the children's class (which also has a curriculum based on the same lesson the grown-ups are doing) so I moved.  Upon, our move to Kentucky, that same friend reminded me of BSF and after finding a local chapter I was pleased to discover they had spots for both myself and my Hallie girl!  It has been amazing.  

Part of the structure of BSF is to sing hymns (you know the ones from actual song books in church~not normally what you hear on K-Love).  At first I didn't think I would really enjoy that part, as I really prefer the Contemporary Christian music that really makes me what to burst open in praise.  I grew up with the 'old hymns' and honestly never really connected with them.  Until yesterday.

As I stood the song Blessed Assurance was being played on the piano and I closed my eyes.   My Grandmother Holt used to play that song.  She primarily played the organ at church and I could just hear the notes as her fingers struck those black and whites.  At that moment, I was overcome with emotion.  I missed her ( I was only 7 when she passed away) terribly.  I began to remember as I sang 'This is my story, This is my song..." all the memories I had of her.  She reminded me of June Cleaver, always wearing her pearls and whipping up yumminess for her boys (my dad was the youngest).  As I think back, she was the essence of Grace and Beauty. Then I thought how sweet it was that even for a short time, she was a part of my story.  The thing that warms my heart is that I have hope that I may see her when I get to heaven.  I wonder if she might be playing "Blessed Assurance" up there. 

When I opened my eyes, these words from the song were on the screen 'Heir of Salvation, Purchase of God.  Born of His Spirit, Washed in His Blood.'  Friends, do you even know how awesome that is???  

We are Heirs to the King of Kings of the Eternal Kingdom that NEVER ENDS!!!!  We were purchased as treasures by God through the dying of His ONLY SON!  

It is not just by chance that I am sitting at this desk, breathing.  God chose me.  And because He chose me I have a responsibility to respond (another profound thought from BSF).  Do you want to spend Eternity in a place of perfection?  Do you desire that Blessed Assurance?  You know what loves, you can have it.  Just speak His name, asking for forgiveness from your sins (we are all born sinners.  I was no different, until I chose to be different), and choose to believe in the One who died so you can live.  

How cool that all those years of listen to 'old hymns' was not just designed to be music to my ears, but to be assurance for my heart.  And what a sweet bonus that HE attached my memories of those songs Blessed Assurance to a beautiful, graceful, child of His.  Thank you Grandmother for being a part of my story, save me a seat on that piano bench!

'This is my story....This is my song....Praising my Savior all the day long.'

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