Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happily Ever After in.....KENTUCKY??!!??

Well this has been a week, folks!!!  I was getting super excited to begin teaching pilates and kickboxing again at the local YMCA!  I was supposed to start today~except I'm not.  My hubby had submitted to be willing to God's offer of going to Africa in February on a mission with our church~except the door was shut.  Hallie was twirling and tapping her way to her very first dance recital in May~except she won't be going.  Parker was counting the days until he could play soccer again in the Spring~except the Strikers will be striking without him.  I realize this all sounds very over dramatic and it is intended to!  What you were just privilegded to read was the small temper tantrum of an almost 34-year old mature woman!  And now I'm done and I feel better.....

So a week ago today my darling husband called to tell me that he believed very much that we would be KENTUCKY.......the first week of.........JANUARY.  If you know our family or have read any of my blogs you know that we moved to Ohio from Indiana nearly 3 years ago for an 18 month "temporary" venture.  Well after 2 yrs we had just thrown up our hands, moved out of our apartment and into a rental home just this past May in order to "live where we live".  We were settling in~for the long haul.  Clearly, our timing and God's timing are not exactly the same.  I say 'long haul' (meaning a couple of years), HE hears 'long haul' (meaning 6 months).  So in the last week, I have played over the several moving opportunities we have heard about in the almost 3 years of being in Ohio, that didn't play out.  Let's see, there was Lincoln, Nebraska, Fresno, California, Boston, Massachusetts, Witchita, Kansas, and Highland, Illinois.  Each time I of course, like any supportive wife would, went straight to Google to research schools, homes, churches, climate, and of course driving distance from our extended families.  Each of those 'opportunites' were removed leaving us even more determined to just bloom where we had been planted.  But this time was different.

I saw a certainty in my lovie that told me, "this is for real~get to Goggling".  Once we were face to face to talk about this we both had the most amazing peace~you know the kind~it's as if your entire being sighs and you just know it's supposed to happen exactly as it unfolds.  So instead of resistance and dread of moving our kids in the middle of the school year, or the always pleasant church shopping, or having your house be full of strange men touching EVERYTHING (i'm kind of a germ-a-phobe) we are willing to accept WHATEVER, WHENEVER, WHEREVER!  

 Two years ago, we would not have been ready for this.  God allowed the opportunities, and shut the doors in order to better mold us and shape us both into who HE wanted us to be before leaving Ohio.  I'm convinced he brought us to Ohio for that purpose alone.  Now, let me just say that we are no where near our full potential in God's eyes, but we are so much more willing to be molded than if He has left us to ourselves in Indiana.  I know it doesn't have to be that way for everyone, some people can live in the same place forever and still be willing to be molded~but not the SISNEY'S!  He needed to isolate us and remove our comfort zone in order for us to become completely dependent on HIM.

And, I wouldn't change one part of the process even if I could.  Ohio has been the most amazing journey for our family!  We met some amazing people, learned so much about ourselves, and grew spiritually in ways I never thought possible.  So the temper tantrum you experienced is just my fleshy human response to the obvious~things change.  It's normally not pleasant, or anticipated, or desired, but it happens.  I am overwhelmed when I think about how much more God has to teach and show our family.  I expect Him to blow us away and it is already so obvious that HE is driving this ship~now if I can just remember to keep my hands off the wheel~we should all be just fine!

When I graduated from high school and RAN out of Kentucky, I never thought my Happily Ever After would bring me back there.  Thankfully though, we get to experience a city that neither of us ever would on our own accord.  Lexington, KY here come the Sisney's!  


  1. You'll be missed here in Ohio. :-(

  2. Thank you for sharing your lives with us while you were here. I lived in Lexington for about 5 months and it's a very nice place to land- good luck and have fun!