Monday, January 24, 2011

5-year old Wisdom

Over the past week, I have been enlightened, encouraged, and in awe of my 5-year old son, Parker Wade.  First, let me share a little bit of Parker with you.  He is the most amazing little person!  From birth he proved his strong will by deciding to be born 3 weeks early to a very emotionally unprepared Mommy and Daddy!  He continued through his infant/toddler years to be in charge of life (his and everyone elses)!  That will happen when you are the first child and first grandchild on both sides of the family.  And all along the way he has reminded all of us just how special and remarkable he is.  When I found out I was pregnant I prayed within seconds of reading that stick that the child inside me would have a tender heart and desire to love God.  God answered my prayer because this sweet little boy has the most tender precious heart and recently is showing his understanding of loving God. 

Now, I know I have made him out to seem absolutely perfect, but there are times!  Times of (please read quickly, writing this is dampening my mood) selfishness, pride, arrogance, anger, deliberate disobedience, and down right brattiness have certainly shown their ugly heads in his past 5 1/2 years.  However, as a mother times like I am about to share have far outnumbered the previous!

Last week I overheard him sharing God's truth with his little almost 3 yr old sister, Hallie.  The conversation went something like this:
 Parker:  "Hallie, you know if you aren't a good girl and love Jesus in your heart, listen and obey then you will go down to hell."
Hallie:  "Really, Parker?"
Parker:  "That's right, but if you are a good girl and you do love Jesus in your heart than you can go to heaven with me.  And you know what else, Hallie?  There aren't any doctors in heaven and when you cry tears it's not because you are sad."
Hallie:  "Okay, Parker."

Now, when I heard him tell his sweet adorable sister that she could go to hell, I almost jumped right into the conversation, but then I stopped.  He wasn't telling her anything but the truth.  In his innocent 5-year old way he was expressing the importance of loving Jesus and he didn't want his little baby sister to miss out on that.  And he translated Ryan and I telling him how in Heaven no one gets sick into there not being doctors in Heaven.  I have corrected that one in order to avoid him informing our doctors that they will not being going to Heaven ;~)  If only I had a drop of the boldness and passion that he showed in that conversation.  Granted, it was his sister, but I have hope that he would be just as passionate to a stranger or a good friend if the opportunity arises. 

Different Day~Same precious 5 year old.

As a mom, it seems the words "hurry up", "come on", "let's go", and "move it" come out of mouth more often than necessary, I'm sure some of you can relate.  Just last week we were doing our biweekly grocery shopping (with a 5 and 2 yr old it can get a bit lengthy) when, yet again, the 5-year old wisdom put everything into perspective.  We had finished unloading our full-to-the-rim shopping cart and I had managed to keep everyone from playing with EVERYTHING fun, dangerous, and expensive in the check out aisle; a feat in an of itself!  The bags were packed and reloaded, the money had been given, and I was on a high-speed one-track mind mission out of that store!  From the check out to the front doors I must have said, "Parker, hurry up, please" 10 times.  This child, who does tend to wander, comes to a dead stop and says, "Mom, maybe you should slow down sometimes."  OUCH!  He nailed me.  He was absolutely 100% right.  Maybe I should just slow down sometimes.  I am so thankful that God uses even my sweet 5 year old son to get his desires through to me.  I took Parker's advice and I have slowed down over the past few days.  I have surrendered my agenda (again) and yes it takes longer to get the laundry finished, things are bit messier, and my checklist continues to grow.  BUT.  My kids are at peace, I am soaking up every second of them, and God and I are able to stay in touch with each other a little more naturally.

So here I sit, encouraged, enlightened, and in awe of my sweet 5-year old, Parker Wade Sisney.  I love you my prince.

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