Monday, January 3, 2011

The Story of Us...

Let me see if I can condense the past 10 years into a meaningful yet informative introduction of myself to the blogging world.

Girl meets Boy (at restaurant where they both worked the exact same schedule).  Girl dislikes Boy thinking he is arrogant, bossy, and selfish.  Boy dislikes Girl thinking she is snooty, prissy, and disconnected.  God sees that Boy and Girl are not plugged into His plan for their lives and thankfully intercedes.  Enter one very brave friend who tells Girl to consider a date with Boy, because "that's just the way it's supposed to be".  Next day Girl and Boy show up to work and (Choir of Angels erupt in melodious AAAAAAWWWWW) see each other through God's eyes.  Girl and Boy go on first date and 2 weeks later Boy asks Girl to be his wife.  Girl responds with "are you kidding me" x3 and finally with "yes".  Thirteen months later Girl and Boy become Mr. and Mrs. Ryan W. Sisney in a beautiful, meaningful, perfect marriage ceremony (according to Girl of course).  Mr. and Mrs. Ryan W. Sisney begin the very long, very trying, very rewarding first year to their Happily Ever After.  Moving on.....

3 years and 11 months later Mr. and Mrs. Ryan W. Sisney become Mommy and Daddy to a very precious Parker Wade Sisney.  Thus Mommy, Daddy, and Parker continue to fill the pages of Happily Ever After through Daddy's job change, Mommy's adjusting to being a mommy, and various life adventures.  2 years and 10 months later Mommy, Daddy, and Parker welcomed Hallie Ryan Sisney and her sunshine personality to the story and they felt complete.

1 year and 1 week into enjoying life as a family of four; Mommy, Daddy, Parker, and Hallie packed up all their belongs (1/2 of them went to live in a storage barn), sold their first home, and moved to Columbus, Ohio for a temporary stay for Daddy's job (12-18 months so they thought).  They never questioned if this was the right move for their family (okay well maybe Mommy did after about three weeks of closet crying therapy in Columbus) because God had clearly opened every door that led to the move.

And that brings us to 2 years later (in about 6 weeks to be exact) Mommy, Daddy, Parker, and Hallie are living in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Columbus, OH still waiting on God to move.  Happily Ever After in Columbus, OH has been a wonderful, isolating, soul searching, faith building chapter.  God has grown this family of four closer to Him and closer to each other.  Sometimes the closer to each other part has been a bit of a challenge, nevertheless, completely enjoyable at the end of the day.  Besides the relative two sets of ear tubes, adenoid removal, broken fifth metatarsal, tonsillectomy, failure to thrive hospitalization, and multiple bottles of TUMS for Daddy~that should just about fill in the gaps of our past 10 years!

This momma has learned an amazing amount about herself and the "self" in her that requires daily (sometimes hourly) dying to.  This blog is an effort to share all that God is doing in this heart and with this life.  The lessons we are learning, the valley's we are walking, and the mountains we are climbing.  I will not promise there will be no complaining or whining in post (although that is not my desire) as I am an emotionally powered woman(also something I wish to change)! My hope is that these posts may inspire others to walk the path, be it ever so winding and bumpy, that God has chosen for them gaining nothing more than absolute certainty of THE eternal Happily Ever After....

Disclaimer:  There are sure to be run-on sentences, mispunctuations, and dangling writing skills have suffered during my time as a momma of a toddler and preschooler!  My apologies to all the English/Writing teachers who diligently tried to teach me the rules of writing.


  1. Awesome, Summer. You are a rock star.

  2. Love this :). I didn't know you guys were dating for TWO WEEKS!!! Love that. Also I don't even know what a participle is....

  3. Hey, I say write however you want, it's your blog!

  4. Hehe, I don't knonw what a participle is either. :)
    Excited to follow your journey, good luck!

  5. you first, BEAUTIFUL, glorious, well written, meaningful post. love it.
    as a dear friend, i do have to now admit that i feel like a slacker. a blog is on my ever growing to do list:) loves to you and yours

  6. GREAT job summer! You'll find the blog a great way to journal your thoughts and doings as a mom, motivator, woman-warrior, wife, and friend!
    Good luck!